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Tech Update

BlueWave is partnering with Optical System Design, EtherWAN Systems and CTC Union as a value-added Distributor.

OSD (Australia): Fiber optic interface devices for audio,video, data, contact, 3G HD SDI, RF, Ethernet, etc in Harden grade.

EtherWan (Taiwan) - PoE switches, Ethernet Extender, Media Converter with Commercial, Industrial and Harden grade Devices.

CTC Union (Taiwan) - Metro-switches, Media Converter, Serial Data Server, EoC and PoE Surge Suppressor for Metro-Enterprise and Industrial Network.

Bluenet (House Brand - Country of Origin: Taiwan) - PoE switches, PoE Repeater, PoE Extender, Ultra PoE Injector, Industrial PoE & Ultra PoE Switches.

Bluewave will update partners and customers on the latest connectivity of our new product and application in our "Connect" Digest by email. Interested party can email to to subscribe to.

News Flash


Bluewave is partnering with NEC Singapore for providing 17 units of 40" and 46" Multi-sync. Slim Bezel industrial grade LCD display for Digital Signage Application.

Bluewave was awarded the project for Cleantech One and is tasked with providing Design of a Security LAN for the Security System Invloving Firewall, NMS and Anti-virues .

Bluewave was awarded the project for the Design of the Wired Network for Security System at International Cruise Terminal.



News Flash


The leap forward in IP Video and connectivity is made possible by the advent of IP Infrastructure and wired/wireless network, BlueWave have several IP video solutions for Surveillance and Training applications in different market segments.


New Solutions


We have started to provide solutioning for:

  1. Border Surveillance & Onboard Vessel Surveillance using state-of-the-art Thermal Cameras and Marine Grade CCTV with two of our Marine application specialist manufacturer;
  2. Digital Signage using Outdoor LED display wall system to our oversea partner;
  3. Design of Wired and Wireless Networked including Secuirty Design Aspect; and
  4. IP PA, IP Intercom and IP HD Video Conferencing System.

Our Successful Stories

In May 2011, Bluewave have completed the BlueVision's CCTV Surveillance for 13 outlets belonging to the Money-Changer and another two amusement outlets in T3 and Vivo-city belonging to another operator, all under M/s CISS.

BlueWave have completed the project for SAF Changi Holiday Chalet providing Wireless Internet Infrastructure using Aruba Enterprice, Bluevision's  Hybrid nDVR and ALCAD's MATV/DTTV system. With this completed project, BlueWave is bringing Wifi coverage and TV on-demand to the patrons of the chalet since July 2011.

In September 2011 again, Verint Nextiva 6.2 was successfully upgraded for National University of Singapore to transfer the Video and Audio feeds, from Panasonics PTZ and Sony 3CCD PTZ cameras via encoders using H.264 and MPEG 4 4CIF compression, located at all the Lecture Theaters and auditoriums within the campus and bringing them back to the Central Control Room via decoders. All the devices were managed by Nextiva Video Management software and it can be remotely-controlled from anywhere within the university campus.  Verint's edge devices such as encoder and decoders were upgraded to H.264 S1801 encoders and decoders.

BlueWave have completed the project under "The design of the network for the security system for Royce Roll Plant Phase I and II in Seletar" in November 2011 for M/s Tyco.

Successful Stories in Changi Airport Terminal

message display

Airport Message Display System (2009)

BlueWave has successfully implemented BlueDisplay using IP technology and its infrasturcture to bring dynamic Digital Information display to 18 independent LCD TVs located within the Changi Airport Terminal 3 - Holding Area.  The LCD TVs are mounted above the x-ray machines in a prominent location so as to remind travellers through the information displayed of the "Gate Change" info and  restrictions imposed on their luggage and items which are prohibited.

kiosk charger

At the same time, BlueWave also implemented the BlueVision's CCTV system for the surveillance of the mobile phone charger koisks in all the Terminals (1,2,3) of Changi Airport.

BlueVision's Surveillance System were implemented in the Airport Police Pass-Offices.

Bluewave implemented Live-Images Display and Enhancement of User Experience for SLIDE at T3

Cameras and microphone were used to monitor the kids inside the slide and on-the-queue by their parents who are waiting at entrances of the slide. Infra-Red sensors and PLC were use to clock in the Best-time and Current-time of the sliders.